I am using Apache Commons HttpClient PostMethod 3.1.

In the PostMethod class there are also three methods for setting POST method's request body:

setRequestBody(InputStream body)
setRequestBody(String body)
setRequestBody(NameValuePair[] parametersBody);

NameValuePair API

First two methods are deprecated. Does anybody knows why? Because if I want to put an XML to request body, NameValuePair does not help me.

Does anybody knows an workaround or a solution?


The javadoc says:

Deprecated. use setRequestEntity(RequestEntity)

RequestEntity has a lot of implementors, namely:

ByteArrayRequestEntity, FileRequestEntity, InputStreamRequestEntity, MultipartRequestEntity, StringRequestEntity

Use the one that suits you:

and so on.


Yes, so for example,

post.setRequestEntity( new StringRequestEntity( xml ) );

instead of

post.setRequestBody( xml );
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    Unfortunately the constructor StringRequestEntity(String) is deprecated now too. Instead you'll have to use: post.setRequestEntity(new StringRequestEntity(xml, "text/xml", "ISO-8859-1")); – Ted Bigham Apr 23 '12 at 21:12

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