I want to test a Rest API which require authentication, before getting the Json response. FOr exa. If i want to visit rest API: http://192.168.xx.xx:9000/dashboards/all/list/m1/p1/sch1


if I am not already logged in , then this will redirect me to Login HTML page, and after login, this will show me the Json output.

Now I want to write a Rest assured code in java for same: I dont know , whether this is possible to do login using this or not.

SO I written a simple code for same::

public class TestNGSimpleTest1 {

    public void testAdd() {
            //body("Status", equalTo("Success")).
            //System.out.println("Response received is ::" +res);   
            Response res = get("http://localhost:9000/dashboards/all/list/m1/p1/sch1");
            String json = res.asString();
            System.out.println("Response received is :: " +json);

So here instead of getting the Json response, I am getting the HTML source page response.

So, my question is if possible, how to do login and get the Json response.

Thanks in advance.

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    for rest-assured see this link here which shows how to do basic or OAut authentification or this link here if you need preemptive authentication. – Roman Vottner Jan 5 '14 at 9:32
  • Actually, I tried this link also, but the problem is Login page where it redirect is , an html page.. using ur link, this is just showing the HTML page still. – undefined Jan 5 '14 at 17:35
  • What type of authentication are you using? Just a login-page which contains a backing database call which checks the entered username and password - so no basic auth or OAuth? This seems rather strange though especially for a REST based web service which is primarily intended for being accessed by applications rather than humans (so no input in form-fields and clicking a submit button). What server framework do you use? CXF, Restlet, ...? Have you already tried to connect to your REST service using SoapUI? – Roman Vottner Jan 5 '14 at 17:50
  • I will update about it soon because I am not sure of the answer you are asking for. Wheneever I make a http request like : 192.168.xx.xx:9000/dashboards/all/list/m1/p1/sch1 , then it redirects to a HTML login page where this ask for username and password. I will get more details by tomorrow and will update you. Thanks. – undefined Jan 5 '14 at 18:05
  • @RomanVottner Discussed with our Dev team .. they designed the Rest API in such a way that for any Rest API request this will redirect to a HTML login page. They agreed to change this authentication behaviour in QA test environment but Is this the correct approach?? – undefined Jan 6 '14 at 17:35

If you are using default authentication from JIRA, then preemptive authentication is what you need. Below are the sample code.

RestAssured.baseURI = System.getProperty("baseurl");
PreemptiveBasicAuthScheme authScheme = new PreemptiveBasicAuthScheme();
RestAssured.authentication = authScheme;

The sample code will help you do the authentication before every request you send.

  • Worked perfectly for basic auth. – James Franken May 31 '19 at 13:29

This method works great. In addition to submitting the login credentials, it also verifies the 200 status code at the same time

given().auth().basic(username, password).when().get("/uri/").then().statusCode(200);

You can try this:

given().auth().preemptive().basic(username, password).when().get("{yourApiURL}").then().statusCode(200);

You probably looking for form authentication:

given().auth().form("username", "password"). .. 

Optionally you need to provide an instance of FormAuthConfig as a third parameter to describe how your HTML login page looks like.

package jira_APIProject;

import org.testng.annotations.Test;

import io.restassured.RestAssured;
import io.restassured.authentication.PreemptiveBasicAuthScheme;

import static io.restassured.RestAssured.*;

import java.util.Base64;

public class TestBasicAuth {

    public void auth() {
        RestAssured.baseURI = "https://jjjjjjj-home.atlassian.net/";
        PreemptiveBasicAuthScheme authScheme = new PreemptiveBasicAuthScheme();
        RestAssured.authentication = authScheme;

        .body("{\r\n" + 
                "    \"body\": \"Updated on 22nd april.\",\r\n" + 
                "    \"visibility\": {\r\n" + 
                "        \"type\": \"role\",\r\n" + 
                "        \"value\": \"Administrator\"\r\n" + 
                "    }\r\n" + 

Below code worked for me :

JsonPath response = RestAssured
    .header("Authorization", "Basic " + encodedString)

Reference - Example 14 : https://www.programcreek.com/java-api-examples/index.php?api=com.jayway.restassured.RestAssured

public void LoginRequest() {
    RestAssured.baseURI = BASE_URL;
    RequestSpecification request  = RestAssured.given().auth().preemptive().basic(USERNAME, PASSWORD);
    response = request.get("​/Account​/v1​/User");
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    While this code may solve the question, including an explanation of how and why this solves the problem would really help to improve the quality of your post, and probably result in more up-votes. Remember that you are answering the question for readers in the future, not just the person asking now. Please edit your answer to add explanations and give an indication of what limitations and assumptions apply. – Sabito 錆兎 Oct 10 '20 at 12:07

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