I'm using a setup with nginx, uwsgi and SQLAlchemy. I recently switched from SQLObject and I'm now seeing strange random errors with SQLAlchemy. For instance:

sqlalchemy.exc.ResourceClosedError: This result object does not return rows. It has been closed automatically.


sqlalchemy.exc.NoSuchColumnError: "Could not locate column in row for column 'module.id'"

Is this some kind of behavior in SQLAlchemy which I'm not aware of? Can it be related to multiple processes/threads in uwsgi?

My uwsgi config file looks like this:

socket =
wsgi-file = /thesystem/code/api.py
master = True
processes  = 4
threads = 2
daemonize = /thesystem/logs/uwsgi.log
pidfile = /thesystem/uwsgi.pid

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Very probably you are opening connections in /thesystem/code/api.py entry point.

That means your file descriptors will be inherited in workers and this does not work with sqlalchemy.

Add --lazy-apps (lazy-apps = true in your ini config) to load /thesystem/code/api.py in each worker instead of loading it in the master and then calling fork()


In addition to the accepted answer, if you do not want to (or cannot) change preforking for lazy-apps, because of the increase in memory usage, for instance, or the changes in your uwsgi reload strategy, you can simply reconnect to the database after forking:

import uwsgi
def setup_db():
    """ routine that sets up the connection to your database """

uwsgi.post_fork_hook = setup_db

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