Please advise what to do to make the rgb2gray work in Octave. I found this thread, but still I would like to use the rgb2gray functionality instead of manually calculating for each color channel.

The code that I run:

I = imread('smile.jpg');
G = rgb2gray(I);

The error I get:

error: 'rgb2gray' is undefined near line 10 column6

Octave version: 3.6.4
Image package is installed. Version: 2.0.0.
The 'rgb2gray.m' is installed in C:\Octave\share\octave\packages\image-2.0.0



The problem is that you didn't load your packages. When you type pkg list you can find which ones are loaded by an asterisk in front of their names. Load a package with pkg load image.

Having to load a packages is that thing that most users find strange but if you compare with other languages, such as Python, Perl, or C++, would you expect them to import, use, or #include every libraries available in the system by default? See Octave's FAQ for more details.

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The function rgb2ntsc has historically been part of Octave (I mean historically, since 1994). However, since Octave version 4.4 (released in 2018), the function was moved from Octave to the Octave Forge image package. It is part of the Octave Forge image package since its 2.8.0 version (released in 2018).

Basically, how to use rgb2ntsc depends on what version you have:

Octave >= 4.4.0 You need to install and load the image package version 2.8.0 or later (the latest is 2.12.0).

octave> pkg install -forge image
octave> pkg load image

unfortunately, it did not work for me. So I use the code, and it works. which is from Octave rgb2ntsc missing in latest version

    function yiq_img = rgb2ntsc(rgb_img)
%RGB2NTSC Transform a colormap or image from red-green-blue (RGB) 
%   color space to luminance-chrominance (NTSC) space. 
%   The input may be of class uint8, uint16, single, or double. 
%   The output is of class double.

% https://octave.sourceforge.io/octave/function/rgb2ntsc.html

if isa(rgb_img, 'uint8') || isa(rgb_img, 'uint16') || ...
        isa(rgb_img, 'double')
    red = rgb_img(:, :, 1);
    green = rgb_img(:, :, 2);
    blue = rgb_img(:, :, 3);
    y = 0.299 * red + 0.587 * green + 0.114 * blue;
    i = 0.596 * red - 0.274 * green - 0.322 * blue;
    q = 0.211 * red - 0.523 * green + 0.312 * blue;
    yiq(:, :, 1) = y;
    yiq(:, :, 2) = i;
    yiq(:, :, 3) = q;
    yiq_img = double(yiq);
    error('Input image datatype is not supported')


I am viewing the week5 lecture notes by Andrew Ng. AI machine learning course. https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning/resources/EcbzQ

refer to: Octave rgb2ntsc missing in latest version

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