often i see some gdb guide using examples without parameters. But in parctice, i need to gdb debug a programe with parameters.

this program is run as "./voronoi -t outputfile", -t is programme voronoi itself parameter, is input, and outputfile is outputfile. but when i using "gdb ./voronoi -t outputfile", it will tell me some error, but when using no gdb debug, run "./voronoi -t outputfile" is OK.

How make it both can gdb debugging and aslo with parameters? How to set the parameters?


You may want to take a look at the run and start commands of gdb—you can pass them the commandline parameters just like you are used to at the shell prompt:

% gdb my_program
start par1 par2 par3 ...

$ gdb program

break linenumber|functionName

run [parameters]


if your system is windows,you can do this: 1.gdb your_program 2.set args para1 para2 para3...

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