How can I have the output of Go's testing library output in XUnit format for integration with Jenkins? There are no command line options to output to XML or to XUnit format with go test.


There's a nice little plugin to convert: https://github.com/tebeka/go2xunit

To install it:

go get github.com/tebeka/go2xunit

To use it:

# Run your tests like normal, but pipe the verbose output to the converter
go test -v | $GOPATH/bin/go2xunit > test_output.xml

If you have $GOPATH/bin in your normal $PATH:

go test -v | go2xunit > test_output.xml
  • github.com/tebeka/go2xunit is archived repo now. Any updated one? – Sachith Muhandiram Oct 1 '20 at 5:53

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