I'm not stupid... really. How do you map a key SEQUENCE (ie: Ctrl + Q , F) in AutoHotKey.

I've got Ctrl + Q down:


I've even got F:


The examples in the help files even show how to do two keystrokes in a row:

Numpad0 & Numpad1::

But it just will not work with:

^q & f ::

Or any of these either:

LCtrl & q & f::
^q & ^f::

How do I accomplish a Key SEQUENCE triggering something, when one of those keys is the Ctrl key? I looked into using a HOTSTRING instead, but couldn't work out how to include the Ctrl character, in that context!


Alright; The answer seems to be:

Input Key, L1
if Key=f
...some code here...
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    I've handled this in an effective but ugly way in the past. I like your approach better, and have combined it with the Progress command to make nice key-sequence menus, such as the one I use to launch browsers here. Thanks for a better way! – ajk Jul 13 '15 at 16:21
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    This messed up my ctrl key after a few tries, so for example I couldn't press ctrl-shift-escape anymore – BornToCode Aug 19 '15 at 15:43

In case someone's looking for a similar thing, but actually want CtrlQ + CtrlF and only if Ctrl is held throughout (so, to some, this might seem like CtrlQ + F), then here's how to do that:

$Ctrl::Send {Ctrl Down}
$Ctrl UP::
    ChordIsBroken := True
    Send {Ctrl Up}
    ChordIsBroken := False
    Input, OutputVar, L1 M
    If (!ChordIsBroken && Asc(OutputVar) = 6)
        MsgBox "Hello, World!"
        SendInput %OutputVar%

See https://superuser.com/a/725303/145431 for my explanation.


Or you can do it like this:

q & f::
    if GetKeyState("Control") {
        ; Do something

I think this is a bit more readable than using Input Key, L1 as in above.

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    The ampersand notation requires both keys to be held down at the same time. In caps, the OP specifies "sequence" so this answer won't work. – horta May 20 '14 at 15:20

This catches CTRL+F. If Q is held down at that moment, your code fires.

    If GetKeyState("q", "p") {
        MsgBox test
    } Else {
        Send ^f
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    OP required a sequence of keys. This answer requires simultaneous key strokes. – horta May 20 '14 at 15:22

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