I'm building an application where I'd like a unique identifier for every connection for the duration that the app is running and I'm wondering if socket.id works for this. E.g. if user 1 disconnects from the application, user 2 who connects later shouldn't have the same socket.id that user 1 had before even though user 1 is no longer connected. Are socket ids unique for the entire time socket.io is listening to the server?


Assuming that you're using socket.io@0.9.x (which is the present version in NPM), the code that generates a new id for each connection/client can be found here.

I think that you can safely assume that each socket id is going to be unique.


Looking at socket.io's code, it seems that the id of a user uniquely identifies a socket client. See, for example, the code for Socket.connect:

Socket.prototype.onconnect = function(){
  debug('socket connected - writing packet');
  this.packet({ type: parser.CONNECT });
  this.nsp.connected[this.id] = this;

On the last line, the id is used in a hash that keeps track of connected sockets. Since you need your ids to be unique, each id is then unique as long as the server has not been restarted

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    But this doesn't show that id's won't be recycled, which is what the OP wants to know. – robertklep Jan 7 '14 at 14:06

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