There is a dataframe named cnbd, for example:

cnbd = data.frame(1,2,3,NA,NA,5)

Thus the expression:


give 1.

I want to write a dataframe like cnbd to a csv with:

write(file = filename, cnbd, append = TRUE)

The problem comes:

  1. The values of csv file show cnbd with 6 rows not 1 row as 1,2,3,NA,NA,5.
  2. I need output cnbd show as 1,2,3,,,5 in csv file, no NAs.

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Try this:

write.table(df, "cnbd.csv",
            na = "",
            row.names = FALSE,
            col.names = FALSE,
            append = TRUE,
            sep = ",")

You can try the write.csv command:

write.csv(cnbd, file="cnbd.csv", na="")
  • this kind of write mode will erase the former content,and add the row names and column name in the file,that's not my expected.could you give me details how to do?thanks very much
    – Lawes
    Jan 7, 2014 at 10:50

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