I have created a rest service in a java application . I need to call this rest service on the click of a button in Alfresco Share page . How do i approacj it . Can i directly call the service with the url ?

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You can add a custom endpoint to SURF & use the SURF Proxy-Servlet: Example Flickr Endpoint share-config-custom.xml:

   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Remote">
            <name>flickr - unauthenticated access for oembed resolution</name>
            <description>Access flickr to resolve URLs to embed presentations.</description>

In Browser JS Code just use the flickr endpoint via PROXY, e.g. add a new va PROXY_FLICKR_API :

var PROXY_FLICKR_API = Alfresco.constants.PROXY_URI.replace("/alfresco/", "/flickr/");
        method: Alfresco.util.Ajax.GET,
        url: PROXY_FLICKR_API + "add your concrete URL",

You should add your var PROXY_FLICKR_API JS declaration via SURF Extension mechanism - your target markupid is (more details http://blogs.alfresco.com/wp/developer/2012/05/22/customizing-share-javascript-widget-instantiation-part-1/):

<@markup id="yourid" target="resources" action="after">

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