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As far as I understand in RAP every single servlet request should go through the Equinox Servlet Bridge. This includes the Help pages, which are JSP files inside the plugin.

I have the following Servlet Mapping in the Web.xml:


If I deploy my application into websphere, then I cannot open the help, and I get this error: enter image description here

It seems, that WebSphere simply ignores my will, that I want to handle even the "/index.jsp" url with the equinox servlet.

Already Tried

I tried the custom property of the web container, but it did not help.

In the documentation it is stated:

When a url-pattern is defined in the jsp-property-group of the web.xml, file, it is typically mapped to, and handled by the JavaServer Page (JSP) engine. If you have applications that must override this mapping so that they can handle and serve the JSP content themselves, set the property to true.

I also added the following snippet to the web xml, but it also did not help:

        <description>Enables using help webapp JSP pages with Websphere</description>

Do you have any idea how to make WebSphere to leave my requests with *.jsp URLs alone, and let equinox bridge to make its work?

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It seems, that the custom property is neccessary, but not enough. I need an extra servlet mapping as described here.

So the mapping should look like this:

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If this additional mapping solves the problem, would you mind adding this snippet to the RAP FAQ? – ralfstx Jan 10 '14 at 9:10
Of course not. Feel free to add it there. One more issue, which would be useful in the FAQ: – Gábor Lipták Jan 10 '14 at 9:21

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