I have a problem with "cleartool setcs -stream" command?

It generates the following error

cleartool: Error: Unable to copy "\\nyatc\rrs\view_store\gsm\jpillo\jpillo_atc_1.vws\config_spec" to "\\nyatc\rrs\view_store\gsm\jpillo\jpillo_atc_1.vws\config_spec.bak": Permission denied.
cleartool: Error: Unable to change configuration specification: Permission denied.

Note: I changed permission on config_spec but still the same result.


This is generally linked to a permission issue.

  • if you have at least access to that view storage shared directory:

    dir \\nyatc\rrs\view_store\gsm\jpillo\

  • your creds:

    <ClearCaseInstallation>/etc/utils/credmap yourClearCaseServer
  • that you are not part of more than 32 groups (see this IBM article)

  • that a simple cleartool edcs (from within the view) also fails

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