In my android application, i use static loading of OpenCV library i.e


it will return true when run on emulator, but return false when run on (mobile) device.

if i use

OpenCVLoader.initAsync(OpenCVLoader.OPENCV_VERSION_2_4_3, this, mLoaderCallback)

if OpenCV manager .apk alredy installed,then above code work fine in emulator and device. here i want run openCV realted app, with out intall OpenCV manager.apk.

please help me. thanks in advance.


Ok what you are talking is Static initialization of the OpenCV library.

See this Official Opencv help regarding this matter.

Also have a look at these StackOverflow topic and try compiling your code.


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    OpenCV related app is working fine with OpoenCV manager .apk , but i want without OpenCVmanager.apk. i said that "without OpenCVManager.apk , my app is running fine in emulator, but in the device it gives 'forceclose error'". Jan 8 '14 at 9:20
  • @sathishkumar.challa did you read the Link1 completely ? Please do read every line; your answer is within that doc. ie.- w/o using Opencv manager.
    – BlueSword
    Jan 8 '14 at 9:26
  • Thank you very much, i got the solution (i.e in previous i did not copy the libs all files from native folder). Jan 8 '14 at 9:42

For the Android Studio users out there, I made a blog post detailing what I did to get around the OpenCV Manager App Installation prompt:


Here is a GitHub repo that includes the code I implemented in the blog post. Feel free to download it and test it on your system:


The other OpenCV parts of the code not mentioned in the blog post were courtesy of Code Onion Blog:


I compiled this answer using these sources: https://stackoverflow.com/a/45684065/6030520, https://stackoverflow.com/a/35135495/6030520, https://stackoverflow.com/a/20259621/6030520

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