I am looking for an event listener, what works like jQuery's .resize(), but only fires when the resized object (talking about the window) is resized in x axis, or both, but not in only y axis. - So basically it will only listen the resize events of the width.


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You can save the width of the browser on a window load in variable. Example:

var w = 0;

$( window ).load( function(){

   w = $( window ).width();


$( window ).resize( function(){

  if( w != $( window ).width() ){

    //Do something

    w = $( window ).width();


  • If I might add - this might not be reliable over a longer period of time, as garbage collection could/would remove the variable if it is no longer referenced...if someone could answer this it would be most appreciated as I have experienced issues regarding exactly this in the past... Commented Feb 4, 2015 at 16:41

How about using like this?

var w = $(window).width();
  if ($(window).width()==w) return; 
  w = $(window).width();
  // ... your code

You can use:

$(window).resize(function(e) {
console.log(e.old.width + " - " + $(this).width());
console.log(e.old.height + " - " + $(this).height());
if(e.old.width==$(this).width() && e.old.height!=$(this).height()){
//only vertical resize done
 //horizontal or horizontal+ vertical resize done

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