Django 1.6, Python 2.7.5+, PostgreSQL 9.1, Linux.

I have several decimal fields defined in the model like this:

min_inclusive = models.DecimalField(_('minimum inclusive'), max_digits=19,
                    help_text=_("Enter the minimum (inclusive) value for this concept."),
                    null=True, blank=True)

Via the admin interface when I enter a 0 (zero) and save the object I get 0E-10 as the value.

So, why doesn't it just store and display a zero?

The documentation doesn't specify if decimal_places is forced or if it is a maximum number.

Is this display because 10 places are required? If so, the using the default form widget, TextInput, it seems to me that is should just expand to that size or at least scroll to that size.

In PostgreSQL it is stored as 0.0000000000

  • The problem seems to be in the postgres backend or Psycopg 2.5.2 adapter... I have the same problem and the data in postgres is 0.00000000 but when fetched by django it comes up as Decimal("0E-8") (with shell access not only admin), if I switch to sqlite3 backend then it works perfectly – xblitz Jan 14 '14 at 7:19

I have also ran into this problem and found out that actually everything is working right. In Python if you actually define something like this Decimal("0.0000000000") you will see this in the console:

>>> Decimal("0.0000000000")

In my situation I was converting from SQLite3 backend to PostgreSQL for production. Everything was working fine in SQLite, because it doesn't explicitly show (or store) all decimal digits. So if you insert 0 in an SQLite number field and then select it, you will get 0.

But if you insert 0 in a PostgreSQL numeric field it will do a zero fill on the decimal and insert 0.0000000000. So when Python puts this in a Decimal you will see Decimal("0E-10").

UPDATE - fixed in Django 1.8

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    But to post the solution to the issue, just for completeness. Yes, Django does store the field contents as decimal.Decimal objects. In your templates or if writing out to a file (as I need to do) you need to use the formatting option. Example using the previously used model field: str('%.10g' % self.min_inclusive).strip() This removes all non-significant zeros. So it gives me '0' for a zero. – Tim Cook Jan 14 '14 at 19:49
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    TIP: In a template you can use {{ value|floatformat }} to get a sensible output for decimals. – e.thompsy Jan 23 '15 at 15:29

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