My makefile fails with error:

Makefile:34: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop.

What does it really mean, how can I fix this?

(GNU make manual, written by Captain Obvious, isn't helping).

Found it. I had rule in form:

$(FOO): bar

where FOO was set from shell command that polluted it with error message that contained a colon.


I had it on the Makefile

lastserial:  ${MAPS}
    ./updateser ${MAPS}

It's because of the : in the file name. I solved this with

                      -------- notice
                     /    /
                    v    v
lastserial:  ${MAPS}
    ./updateser ${MAPS}
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    i have the same problem, but i don't understand your answer, will you elaborate this further for me, – Pir Fahim Shah Jan 11 '13 at 20:08
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    @PirFahimShah The answer is stating that the colons in the filename (db.901:550:2001.ip6.arpa) need to be escaped. mcr is escaping the colons by putting a backslash before them. That way, make does not interpret the colons as a special symbol. – Loduwijk Aug 18 '16 at 14:04
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    Thanks, it worked for me. I had some old windows path with colon in it (C:/Qt/5.8/mingw53_32/bin/rcc.exe) in one of Makefile rules. Remove those autogenerated makefiles if you are building on Linux machine – Vadim Kotov Jul 14 '17 at 14:18
  • windows make switched to wsl (ubuntu) and got this error, make clean followed by make solved it. The erroneous line was _build/nrf52840_xxaa/app_mpu.c.o: ../../../app_mpu.c \ – Tyeth Dec 15 '20 at 18:59

Besides having to escape colons as in the original answer, I have found if the indentation is off you could potentially get the same problem. In one makefile, I had to replace spaces with a tab and that allowed me to get past the error.

  • GNU make may also report "No Rule for Target" in this case. – davenpcj Aug 15 '13 at 19:38

I just want to add, if you get this error because you are using Cygwin make and auto-generated files, you can fix it with the following sed,

sed -e 's@\\\([^ ]\)@/\1@g' -e 's@[cC]:@/cygdrive/c@' -i filename.d

You may need to add more characters than just space to the escape list in the first substitution but you get the idea. The concept here is that /cygdrive/c is an alias for c: that cygwin's make will recognize.

And may as well throw in

-e 's@^ \+@\t@'

just in case you did start with spaces on accident (although I /think/ this will usually be a "missing separator" error).


I met with the same error. After struggling, I found that it was due to "Space" in the folder name.

For example :

Earlier My folder name was : "Qt Projects"

Later I changed it to : "QtProjects"

and my issue was resolved.

Its very simple but sometimes a major issue.


My IDE left a mix of spaces and tabs in my Makefile.

Setting my Makefile to use only tabs fixed this error for me.


I had this problem (colons in the target name) because I had -n in my GREP_OPTIONS environment variable. Apparently, this caused configure to generate the Makefile incorrectly.


I also got this error (within the Eclipse-based STM32CubeIDE on Windows).

After double-clicking on the "multiple target patterns" error it showed a path to a .ld file. It turns out to be another "illegal character" problem. The offending character was the (wait for it): =

Heuristic of the week: use only [a..z] in your paths, as there are bound to be other illegal characters </vomit>.

The GNU make manual doesn't explicitly document this.

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