Following code works for bash but now i need it for busybox ash , which apparrently does not have "=~"

keyword="^Cookie: (.*)$"
if [[ $line =~ $keyword ]]
bla bla

Is there a suitable replacement ?

Sorry if this is SuperUser question, could not decide.

Edit: There is also no grep,sed,awk etc. I need pure ash.


For this particular regex you might get away with a parameter expansion hack:

if [ "$line" = "Cookie: ${line#Cookie: }" ]; then
    echo a

Or a pattern matching notation + case hack:

case "$line" in
    "Cookie: "*)
        echo a

However those solutions are strictly less powerful than regexes because they have no real Kleene star * (only .*) and you should really get some more powerful tools (a real programming language like Python?) installed on that system or you will suffer.

  • Thanks this works. As you say it is very limited though. It is a router with very little space cant install perl or python. Might try C. – user3155036 Jan 9 '14 at 16:46

Busybox comes with an expr applet which can do regex matching (anchored to the beginning of a string). If the regex matches, its return code will be 0. Example:

 # expr "abc" : "[ab]*"
 # echo $?
 # expr "abc" : "[d]*"
 # echo $?

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