I want to start with an MVC4 application using the API controller and AngularJS. But I am not really sure how to structure my applicaton.

Suppose I start out with a normal controller that is called UserController. This controller has an Index action and returns a (razor) view.

In that view I will be doing some HTML and AngularJS things. The angular code will in return call an API controller to get its JSON data.

But this is the part that puzzles me. I already have a UserController that returns the view. But then I also need another UserController (that extends the ApiController) to return JSON data, right?

So I need an API controller to GET user data and PUT user data etc. So a logical name for that would be UserController as well.

But obviously I cannot have two controllers with the same name. So how does this work? How should i name/structure my MVC application?


Put your Controllers in a Controllers folder and Your ApiControllers in an ApiControllers folder in your project. That's what I do.

 |   |
 |   ---UserController.cs

The namespaces will be different by default if you do this, permitting you to share class names.

And then for the routing one will be api/user and the other user.

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