On my Jenkins build server, I want to set an Authentication Token so that only users that know the token can fire off builds. (As described here.)

This doc page says that it should be configurable under my job's "Build Triggers" configuration.

However, my server has no such fields, and I'm running the latest version (1.546). Mine looks like this:


As you can see, this doesn't really look like the docs say it should.

How can I set this token?

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You're missing the Trigger builds remotely (e.g., from scripts) Build Trigger:

Trigger builds remotely

This is only visible with Security enabled. To get this option from a freshly downloaded 1.546 WAR, I changed Configure Global Security from Anyone can do anything to at least Logged-in users can do anything. For ease/speed of testing, under Security Realm I selected Jenkins’ own user database and Allow users to sign up:

enter image description here


You can go to http://Jenkins-IP/jobs/me/configure to check and change your API access token. Also check whether the user you intend to use has necessary permissions to execute the builds in Manage Jenkins>Configure Global Security


Each jenkins user gets an authentication token - applicable since version 1.426 (more).

You can see yours, provided you are logged in your jenkins server, at http://your.jenkins.server/me/configure (press 'show API token' button)

Then you can copy and paste it in your scripts (e.g. see here for an example usage).

  • Any way to get one for anonymous user? Mar 19, 2018 at 15:42
  • Not that I know of. Maybe a solution would be setting up an actual user named 'anonymous' with the rights you want her to have and work with her token.
    – user3837712
    Mar 22, 2018 at 10:42

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