I am trying to run our test suite with the iOS 7 simulator but xcodebuild always starts the 6.1 simulator.

xcodebuild -workspace Project.xcworkspace -scheme 'Test Smoke' -sdk iphonesimulator7.0 -destination="platform='iOS Simulator',OS=7.0,name='iPhone Retina (4-inch)’" clean test

It works if I deinstall the iOS 6.0 and 6.1 simulator but this is not an option.


You’re almost there:

The -destination parameter is special, in that you cannot quote the part that comes after the “=” sign.

Meaning this:

xcodebuild \
    -workspace Project.xcworkspace \
    -scheme 'Test Smoke' \
    -sdk iphonesimulator7.0 \
    -destination platform='iOS Simulator',OS=7.0,name='iPhone Retina (4-inch)' \
    clean test

will work.

Note that the commas between the options within the -destination parameter must immediately be followed by the next option.

Also note that — if you specified a name that doesn’t match anything that actually exists — this command will just hang.

  • It works after removing the = between the destination and platform.
    – btype
    Jan 11 '14 at 16:15

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