From inside a .bat file, I m issuing this command

xcopy\s Folder1\folder2\folder3\blah-blah Folder1\temp\folder2\folder3

But I get the error: The system cannot find the path specified.

I tried copying the same line to command line and tried it: Then, I get the error, xcopys command not found. If I try to use xcopy instead of xcopy/s, I get error:

File not found - Folder1folder2folder3blah-blah

If I use xcopy command with backward slash on command line: Invalid number of parameters.

I tried enclosing paths in quotes, but it does not help. My file names don't have spaces in them but they do have -

I have checked the path of source and destination and they exist

Any help will be appreciated.



I guess you're running under windows, so you have to use forward slashes for arguments.

xcopy/s is something very different from xcopy\s. The later searches for an application called s in a subfolder called xcopy. To further avoid confusion, separate the program from its argument(s) with spaces.

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