I have a bash script and inside this bash script I have a JAVARESULT variable like this :

JAVARESULT=`java -cp ... parser_file $file $someextravar`

and what I want is to catch in a log file the stderr and stdout of this result variable.


but i get only the stdout not the stderr. I tried with :


but I don't get the java errors in the log file .

  • java -cp ... parser_file $file $someextravar &> $LOG_FILE?
    – HAL
    Jan 10, 2014 at 10:57

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In every Unix based system every process have at least three file descriptors open. As you know, file descriptors are identified by numbers. This three standard file descriptors are:

  • 0 for stdin
  • 1 for stdout
  • 2 for stderr

What you want to do is redirect stderr to stdout, and then redirect stdout to a file. So, in your JAVARESULT variable you'll just have to append:


What you're saying here is: redirect stderr (file descriptor 2) to stdout (file descriptor 1).


Try this:

echo "$JAVARESULT" > $LOG_FILE 2>&1

  • The problem is that JAVARESULT does not contain standard error in the first place. Even if it did, the parameter does not store information about what parts came from standard output and which from standard error: it's just one big string.
    – chepner
    Jan 10, 2014 at 13:27

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