I want to ask about the Graphite carbon daemons. https://graphite.readthedocs.org/en/latest/carbon-daemons.html

I would like to ask while running a carbon-rely.py, should i also run carbon-cache.py or the relay is okay?

Regards Murtaza

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    Depends on what you want to achieve, I suppose. A carbon-relay standalone has no use afaik since it needs to relay the data somewhere to a carbon-cache. So you need at least a carbon-cache and then optionally a relay (e.g. in case of performance issues..) – cmur2 Jan 10 '14 at 14:52

Carbon relay is used when you set up a cluster of graphite instances. However, a carbon cache does not need a cluster;

Reg Carbon cache: As we all know that write operations are expensive; Graphite enables collected data to be collected in a cache where the graphite webapp can be used irrespective of a cluster to read and display the most recent data recorded into graphite ( irrespective of whether it was written into disk).

Hope this answers your question.


Carbon-relay only resends data to one or more destinations, so it needed only if you want fork data into several points. Example schemas can be:

  • save locally and resend to another node (cache or temporary-storage and relay)
  • resend all data into multiple remote daemons (multiple remote storages)
  • save all data in multiple local daemons (parallel storage & redundancy)
  • save different data sets in multiple local daemons (performance)
  • ... other cases ...

So, in case you need store data locally - you have to use carbon-cache. in case you need fork data flow on the node,- you have to use carbon-relay before or instead carbon-cache

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