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In my app I am having a continuous communication with TCP server , now if
server sends a command to close the app, i want to close the app completely
and when user taps the app again, it should start with Application launch method itself.

I have tried using exit(0) in the code, using this application goes into background.But it doesn't kill the app. How can i do that?

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  • Why do you think that calling exit sends the app to the background? exit will definitely kill the app. But you are not supposed to call exit anyway. Your app may not be accepted by Apple if you do. – rmaddy Jan 10 '14 at 17:19
  • Note that Apple specifically disallows your app to kill itself/exit, and you will be rejected from the app store for this. – Linuxios Jan 10 '14 at 17:19
  • Per Apple "There is no API provided for gracefully terminating an iOS application." developer.apple.com/library/ios/qa/qa1561/_index.html – Marco Jan 10 '14 at 17:26
  • This app is not for apple store. It will be used internal to my company. – Nitya Jan 10 '14 at 17:36
  • 1
    Did you actually try clicking on the app to launch it again to see if you saw your launch image or not? – Gavin Jan 10 '14 at 17:48

There isn't a way. Apple doesn't allow it. The solution is: Just accept the fact that you are unable to do this and work around that fact.

  • While this is true this doesn't address the question. The question claims that calling exit(0) puts the app in the background. – rmaddy Jan 10 '14 at 17:37
  • @rmaddy You are right. It actually kills the application. – Nitya Jan 10 '14 at 20:33

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