With python script currently opened in SublimeText I'm choosing:

Tools > SublimeREPL > Python > RUN Current File

Sublime executes the script in a new interactive REPL[python] window (this window is still inside of Sublime).

After the python script execution is finished Sublime types:

Repl Closed

I now can start typing the python commands into this interactive window below "Repl Closed" message. But when I press an Enter key the editor simply advances to a new line when I expect it to Execute a line I just typed. Please advise what key (if any) should be used to run typed command.


First, go to Tools -> SublimeREPL -> Python -> Python to start a new Python REPL. You can then use the commands in Tools -> SublimeREPL -> Eval in REPL and Transfer to REPL to transfer and/or evaluate pieces of your code in the running interpreter. When that code is done running, the REPL stays open, allowing you to enter new commands as you'd expect.

  • Thanks for your help. What is the difference between Eval In Repl and Transfer to Repl? – alphanumeric Jan 10 '14 at 22:56
  • 1
    @Sputnix "Eval" actually evaluates ("runs") the code in the REPL, while "Transfer" does just that - transfers the text over, but doesn't run it. Please read the README and the docs for more information on this plugin. – MattDMo Jan 10 '14 at 23:04

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