I'd like to add a menu item to the default ContextMenu of a RichTextBox.

I could create a new context menu but then I lose the spell check suggestions that show up in the default menu.

Is there a way to add an item without re-implementing everything?


It's not too tricky to reimplement the RichTextBox context menu with spelling suggestions, Cut, Paste, etc.

Hook up the context menu opening event as follows:

AddHandler(RichTextBox.ContextMenuOpeningEvent, new ContextMenuEventHandler(RichTextBox_ContextMenuOpening), true);

Within the event handler build the context menu as you need. You can recreate the existing context menu menu items with the following:

private IList<MenuItem> GetSpellingSuggestions()
    List<MenuItem> spellingSuggestions = new List();
    SpellingError spellingError = myRichTextBox.GetSpellingError(myRichTextBox.CaretPosition);
    if (spellingError != null)
        foreach (string str in spellingError.Suggestions)
            MenuItem mi = new MenuItem();
            mi.Header = str;
            mi.FontWeight = FontWeights.Bold;
            mi.Command = EditingCommands.CorrectSpellingError;
            mi.CommandParameter = str;
            mi.CommandTarget = myRichTextBox;
    return spellingSuggestions;

private IList<MenuItem> GetStandardCommands()
    List<MenuItem> standardCommands = new List();

    MenuItem item = new MenuItem();
    item.Command = ApplicationCommands.Cut;

    item = new MenuItem();
    item.Command = ApplicationCommands.Copy;

    item = new MenuItem();
    item.Command = ApplicationCommands.Paste;

    return standardCommands;

If there are spelling errors, you can create Ignore All with:

MenuItem ignoreAllMI = new MenuItem();
ignoreAllMI.Header = "Ignore All";
ignoreAllMI.Command = EditingCommands.IgnoreSpellingError;
ignoreAllMI.CommandTarget = textBox;

Add separators as required. Add those to the new context menu's items, and then add your shiny new MenuItems.

I'm going to keep looking for a way to obtain the actual context menu though, as this is relevant to something I'll be working on in the near future.

  • Thanks, Donnelle. I figured it would probably come to re-implementing. Thanks for the tips on how to do this! – dmo Oct 20 '08 at 18:44
  • 2
    A very similar example can be found directly on MSDN as well: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… – Steve Cadwallader Aug 17 '12 at 19:13
  • @Donnelle Sorry for being late to the party, but since I'm facing the exact same problem (except for my scenario having a simple textbox) and this question having the WPF tag, can you provide a more "XAMLish" way, please? – Yoda Sep 29 '16 at 13:09
  • I'd like to, Yoda, but I haven't worked with XAML in 7 years! – Donnelle Sep 29 '16 at 22:54

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