I want to use redis command line (using redis-cli) to store json values. This is what I do

redis> set test '{"a":"b"}'

This command fails with message :

Invalid argument(s)

I don't have problem with setting values that don't contain double quotes. What is the correct way to escape double quotes?


Add slashes to quotes

set test "{\"a\":\"b\"}"
  • When I do get test I get "{\"a\":\"b\"}". Is the returned a string or json? – nealous3 Apr 12 '18 at 4:08

You can try FastoRedis or FastoNoSQL which based on hiredis: set json value


later redis has fixed this problem. single quote works fine.


We can use single quotes for storing the JSON value:

set name '{"a":"b"}'

Run get query like: get name

output : "{\"a\":\"b\"}"

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