currently I am facing to a problem that: we need to control the linux scripts running in background from web page. e.g. we could start/stop a 'script' via the button on the webpage.

also another good example is: linode web console example

I am an expert of web development, and very familiar with javascript(setTimeout to refresh the progress), ruby on rails.

thanks a lot.

  • Not sure if it is particularly useful, have you tried godrb.com
    – xvidun
    Jan 12, 2014 at 8:09
  • could someone tell me why this question should be closed? I have googled a lot but not found any good solution. thanks
    – Siwei
    Jan 13, 2014 at 10:31

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if it is linux systems then you could use




in your controller


thanks to @xvidun, I found the solution: using god.

the key process is: how to make a non-daemon process start as a daemon. "nohup ... &" doesn't work for me. so I tried god and it is great!

in my case, the process I want to run is:

$ cd /sg552/workspace/m-video-fetcher
$ nohup ruby script/start_fetch.rb &

here is how I did the job:

step1 : create a god config file:

# file name: fetcher.god
RAILS_ROOT = '/sg552/workspace/m-video-fetcher'
God.watch do |w|
  w.name = 'fetcher'
  w.dir = RAILS_ROOT
  w.start = "ruby script/start_fetch.rb"
  w.log = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/fetcher_stdout.log"


$ god start -c fetcher.god


# in the view, give users the interface to restart this job. 
<a href='/settings/restart_fetch_for_all_plans'>restart</A>

# in the controller: 
def restart_fetch_for_all_plans
  result = `god stop fetcher && god start fetcher`
  redirect_to :back, :notice => "fetcher restarted, #{result}"

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