My web page is catching errors with window.onerror and than sends the error to the server for logging. This is working well. However, I stopped seeing the errors on Chrome and Firefox console logs. This makes debugging the application more difficult. Is there any way I can keep using window.onerror yet see the error logs on the console without writing it myself on the onerror? When Chrome is writing the error to the console (if onerror is not used) the stacktrace and navigation to the error source are really helpful.


You have to return false at the end of the error handler to let the default error handler (which logs to the console) run.

window.onerror = function myErrorHandler(errorMsg, url, lineNumber) {
  //Do some of your ajax requests or whatever  

  return false;

Out of MDN:

When the function returns true, this prevents the firing of the default event handler.


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