I've been learning React recently, and I'm running into a problem trying to model and render a HTML table of the following structure (note the columns which are split into two using the colspan attribute for the headers).

|     Col 1 Header    |     Col 2 Header    | ... | Col N header      |
| Data 1A  | Data 1B  | Data 2A  | Data 2B  | ... | Data NA | Data NB |
| Data 1A  | Data 1B  | Data 2A  | Data 2B  | ... | Data NA | Data NB |

I've modelled the table like this:

Main component Table, which renders:

    {headers}  <!-- <Header/> components -->
    {rows}     <!-- <Row/> components -->

The Header components render as <th colSpan="2">Col 1 Header</th>

Each Row renders as

  {cells}    <!-- <Cell/> components -->

Now the Cell component is where I run into trouble as I want to split each column into two sub columns (as the header columns have colSpan="2".)

Since ReactComponent's render() method has to return a single child component, I can't figure out how to return the two cells like this: <td>Data 1A</td><td>Data 1B</td>

In non-table situations I could return something like

   <div class="subcol1">Data 1A</div>
   <div class="subcol2">Data 1B</div>

but I can't seem to figure out how to achive this with a table. Maybe the way I've designed the component structure is a bit off?

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in react it should be colSpan attribute not colspan.

<td colSpan={2}>


more info here


Right now it's impossible to make a component in React that renders as two table cells. In the future it may be possible but for now, your best bet is probably to make a plain JS function that returns the cells:

function cellsForData(data) {
    return [
        <td>Data 1A</td>,
        <td>Data 1B</td>

You can include this in your cells array for your table component and everything should work.

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