I am trying to implement phonetic plug-in (https://github.com/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-analysis-phonetic) in elastic search.

To implement this plug-in i had refereed the below link http://blog.jessitron.com/2012/04/configuring-soundex-in-elasticsearch.html

Tested with following steps :

  1. curl localhost:9200/_shutdown -XPOST

  2. curl localhost:9200/anyindexname -XPUT {"ok":true,"acknowledged":true}

  3. curl "localhost:9200/anyindexname/_analyze?analyzer=search_soundex&pretty=true" -d 'bunch of words'

It throws me an error such as

{ "error" : "ElasticSearchIllegalArgumentException[failed to find analyzer [search_soundex]]", "status" : 400 }

Guys, I need your help to solve this problem.....

  • Got an alternate for gem tire, gem searchkick (but still tire contribute searchkick). It provides a standard phonetic search added with with several other features... for futher references ankane.github.io/searchkick. But eagerly searching for manual customizable search using tire and elastic search,. – Mothirajha Jan 16 '14 at 10:25

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