I have a kentico website that users can log into.

I need to build a separate .net website that users can log into from the kentico website.

Ideally users would go to the kentico site, log in, click a link to the .net site which would treat them as authenticated.

How can I achieve this?

Most things that I look at online either says use OpenID in kentico and the external site (which I can't do), or assume I want to change how kentico authenticates users.

  • What version of Kentico are you working on? Jun 17, 2016 at 13:26

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Using third party authentication could work. The third party authentication would live on the secondary site, and Kentico would query this as a secondary from of authentication. This thread has a discussion on how to do third party authentication in Kentico 6.

Kentico's new Security guide wiki also has a great page about external authentication which has example code for using third party authentication in Kentico 7.


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