I'm trying to write a piece of regex for Javascript to get each and every match of a list of words, but only when they are surrounded by non-word, non-number characters (Nothing in that would fit into the regex of /a-zA-Z0-9_/). However, the regex I've come up with thus far does not quite work as I want it to. It still allows for numbers on the side, and it also is INCLUDING the characters on either side of the word. Here is the regex I have as of now:

new RegExp("(?:^|\\W)(task|end|if|then)(?:\\W|$)", "gm")

Here is an example string of what I'd like to use this for:

task test()
    if true then
        print "hi"

What is it I should do instead? Keep in mind that this is JavaScript, and therefore there is no capability for a lookbehind in the regex.

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    Please provide some examples of what you're trying to match. – brandonscript Jan 13 '14 at 21:42
  • Please show how you are getting the match - it may be your regex is right but you are using it wrong – Floris Jan 13 '14 at 21:46
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If I'm understanding you correctly, you only want to capture task, end, if, then if they occur by themselves, with nothing on either side (whole word, no surrounding numbers). To do this, simply use the \b word boundary:


Working example: http://regex101.com/r/uM3zI6

If this isn't what you meant, please update your question to clarify examples of what you want to match.

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