This is a silly question but spent the last 20 minutes or so browsing through google results and the menus of Netbeans. Under edit there is a start and stop macro recording but after saving the macro I can't seem to find how to run it.

Didn't assign a keyboard short cut to it assuming I can select to run a named macro from the menu somewhere but other than start/stop recording I can't find anything that'll list a macro so I can run it.

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    I've run into the same thing with Netbeans 8. It's crazy that to use a macro you first have to assign a keystroke to it.
    – Paul
    Feb 13, 2015 at 12:27

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I have been googeling for a while too, and I could not find much. You can access to the key map and configure the shortcut for your macros. (Tools->Options->Key map). The macros can be accessed in the editor (Tools->Options->Editor)

There is another thread where I found it: Activating text editing macros on Netbeans


you need to record macro first

go to - edit
hit on - start macro recording
< write code which you want to add in macro >
after writing code - stop recording macros

then a popup box will appear, you have to set name and a shortcut key for that macro and that's it.
you can use that macro typing the shortcut key.
more info


Record another macro - this time assign it to a keystroke by clicking the Set Shortcut button in the dialog box. You will also see your previous macros when you do - and you can assign a shortcut to it as well.


You just need to change macro "Upload" for 'CTRL+s' because in default its assigned to "Save as" (ctrl+s) and it doesn't upload the file while saving it. Works for me!


go to the menu and click 'add shortcut' ;)

you create your own key shortcut which will start the macro.

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