** Please stop to devote this question. I really don't know what to search for it. I have tried to use keyword like 'C# ??' and tried in the title of the qeustion like '?? what it ' but there is no any question in the 'Questions that may already have your answer' box.

public ICommand _command;
public ICommand Command
        return _command ?? (_command = new MvxCommand(AddItem));

I found i like those code. But I really don't know what does it mean?

Additional, if i want to search in msdn about it, what the keyword I should use for?


It is called a Null coalescing operator

if the first part is null then use the next part, in your case if _command is null then it creates a new command else it would use _command only


it's Null coalescing operator. It means if this has a value use it, if not use the next item.

It's very useful for nullable types and objects.

int? age = null; 

var defaultAge = age ?? 21;
//defaultAge is now 21



Null Coalesce operator. Functions just like, "IsNull" in TSQL. If the left value is not null, use it. Otherwise, use the right value.

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