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How do I print some text (in this case another bash script) exactly to some output file in bash?

So essentially I want to do something equivalent to the following but with special conditions:

echo [some multiline bash script] > output.bash

and output.bash would contain [some multiline bash script] exactly and no variable substitution occur

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    Have a look at this SO Question. – S.R.I Jan 14 '14 at 4:16
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    Also, you don't want variable interpolation to occur, you can quote the 'Limit String' as shown here. Look for 'Parameter substitution turned off' or just copy the entire script into output.bash. – S.R.I Jan 14 '14 at 4:21
cat [some multiline bash script] > output.bash

print some text to file.name

cat >> file.name <<EOF
# base script 
cd ..

use single quote ''

like this '\' is for multi line input

#echo '$oyss \
> $oyss line 2
> ' > 1.txt

#cat 1.txt
$oyss line 2

if you use double quote "".you will get the variable evaluated.

#echo "$oyss\
> $oyss line 2
> "
22 line 2

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