I'm getting an error with the following

find . -name "*" -type f | xargs grep -l "xyz" | sed -i '' 's/'${line}'/'${rep}'/g'

sed: -i may not be used with stdin

what's gone wrong?

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Asuming that you're trying to sed something only in the files that contain xyz, you will have to xargs again

find . -name "*" -type f | xargs grep -l "xyz" |xargs  sed -i "s/'${line}'/'${rep}'/g"

-i is for inline file editing and you are just piping find command's output to sed in stdin hence that error shows up.

Try this find command instead:

find . -name "*" -type f -exec sed -i '' "s/${line}/${rep}/g" '{}' \;

PS: -name "*" can also be skipped here.


When we are using the find command we can't connect the output with the pipe( | ). So you can use the -exec with find command to execute more commands.

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