I am trying to list all commits in repository, their Authors and date of commit using libgit2Sharp, but the commit object doesn't have property of date/time where the commit was created.

 using (var repo = new Repository(path))
     ///get commits from all branches, not just master
     var commits = repo.Commits.QueryBy(new CommitFilter { Since = repo.Refs });

     //here I can access commit's author, but not time
     commits.Select(com => new { Author = com.Author.Name, Date = com.???

I didn't find any documentation of the libgit2sharp project, on the official page it says:

Let's put it simply: we currently lack proper documentation. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated ;-)

How can I access commit's time?

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The date a commit was authored or committed is part of the Signature, along side the name and email address. The When member of the signature is a DateTimeOffset it was authored or committed. If you're looking for the authorship date in your example, then you want:


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