Say we have make files (not cmake/premake/ninja etc) for our project that do work for gcc and clang. We want to generate out from them JSON Compilation Database to feed it into clang-modernize tool. How to do such thing? (is there any parser in clang infrastructure or some script with usage like make CC='cc_args.py gcc' CXX='cc_args.py g++' or some other tool)?


I have no personal experience with it but Bear seems to be targeted to your scenario. (It was linked from the clang-modernize site.)

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  • Works great even for Linux kernel modules! Thanks much! – St.Antario Dec 13 '19 at 18:18

Make has a usually-undesired feature of emitting the compiler command lines to its standard output, but in this case you can use it with a shell (and jq) pipeline. With GNU Make:

make --always-make --dry-run \
 | grep -w 'gcc|g++' \
 | grep -w '\-c' \
 | jq -R '[inputs|{directory:".", command:., file: match(" [^ ]+$").string[1:]}]' \
 > compile_commands.json

However, this doesn't handle cases where the makefile recursively invokes itself (or other makefiles) in subdirectories using the -C argument.

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