I've configured the logback.xml file to be scanned every 5 seconds.

<configuration debug="true" scanPeriod="5 seconds">

Unfortunately this doesn't happen. What could go wrong?

The logback.xml file resides on the classpath of the Tomcat server. It's not inside the web application. It's parsed correctly on startup. I'm starting the server with Eclipse.


I think you forgot to set the scan attribute:

<configuration scan="true" scanPeriod="30 seconds" > 
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    I have my configuration with <configuration scan="true" scanPeriod="10 seconds" debug="true">, but when I change the logback.xml file, it still "ignores" the change. Any idea of what am I doing wrong? I have already tried to log SEVERAL (more than 10k) messages to make sure it could reload, but nothing happened... – Oliver Drummond Dec 29 '16 at 12:11

Besides scan and scanPeriod another aspect has to be considered as well:

Given that ReconfigureOnChangeFilter is invoked every time any logger is invoked, regardless of logger level, ReconfigureOnChangeFilter is absolutely performance critical. So much so that in fact, the check whether the scan period has elapsed or not, is too costly in itself. In order to improve performance, ReconfigureOnChangeFilter is in reality "alive" only once every N logging operations.

For more information see http://logback.qos.ch/manual/configuration.html#autoScan.

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