I created a demo osgi-extensible to do embedded OSGi to load dynamic rules. I can only find an old eclipse equinox 3.8.0 jar on maven central which gives a NullPointerException but the code runs fine with apache felix. Is there a repo which works with sbt/ivy/maven which has the newer equninox versions so that I can try those out?

Edit: Note the demo at the link above is looking to embed the eclipse equinox osgi runtime so just the osgi headers or bundle tooling would not answer the question


Equinox does not publish its artifacts to Maven Central, but some recent versions are published by the Tycho project. Check out org.eclipse.tycho:org.eclipse.osgi.

  • Thanks for pointing that out. I took a quick look but could not see an equinox framework jar. The demo code linked to in the question embeds an osgi runtime using jars obtainable by ivy/maven/sbt. So I am still seeking a repo which has the jar. – simbo1905 Jan 17 '14 at 15:15
  • Despite its name, org.eclipse.osgi*.jar is the Equinox framework JAR. – Harald Wellmann Jan 17 '14 at 19:49

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