When pasting this YAML file into an online yaml parser, I got an expected block end error:

ADDATTEMPTING: 'Tentative d ajout '
ATTEMPTINGTOGIVE: 'Tenter de donner '
ATTEMPTINGTOSET1: 'Tentative de définition '
ALREADYEXISTS: 'Erreur. Package existe déjà’
CANCEL1: 'Annulation...'



while parsing a block mapping
  in "<unicode string>", line 1, column 1:
    ADDATTEMPTING: 'Tentative d ajout '
expected <block end>, but found '<scalar>'
  in "<unicode string>", line 6, column 11:
    CANCEL1: 'Annulation...'

The line starting ALREADYEXISTS uses as the closing quote, it should be using '. The open quote on the next line (where the error is reported) is seen as the closing quote, and this mix up is causing the error.

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    Oh duh. Missed this with smaller text. Thanks. – aman207 Jan 15 '14 at 18:30
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    I had this same error, but for me it was an indentation issue(!) – ben3000 Jan 15 '16 at 9:01
  • I was facing the same error while starting storm nimbus daemon. Solved the error with replacing " --> ' in storm.yaml file. Thanks. – Raxit Solanki Apr 10 '18 at 3:07

I would like to make this answer for meaningful, so the same kind of erroneous user can enjoy without feel any hassle.

Actually, i was getting the same error but for the different reason, in my case I didn't used any kind of quoted, still getting the same error like expected <block end>, but found BlockMappingStart.

I have solved it by fixing, the Alignment issue inside the same .yml file.

If we don't manage the proper 'tab-space(Keyboard key)' for maintaining successor or ancestor then we have to phase such kind of things.

Now i am doing well.


This error also occurs if you use four-space instead of two-space indentation.

e.g., the following would throw the error:

    - metadata: {}
        name: colName
        nullable: true

whereas changing indentation to two-spaces would fix it:

  - metadata: {}
    name: colName
    nullable: true

With YAML, remember that it is all about the spaces used to define configuration through the hierarchical structures (indents). Many problems encountered whilst parsing YAML documents simply stems from extra spaces (or not enough spaces) before a key value somewhere in the given YAML file.


As mentioned by many, it was an indentation issue for me as well.

Use following website to correct errors and prettify YAML.


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