It would be great if it was possible to do such thing as

$('input.specific-field').parsley('error', 'this is a custom error message');

...but I guess that isn't possible?

How could I achive such thing?


Parsley has some built-in ways of adding custom error messages.

var specificField = $('input.specific-field').parsley();
# add the error
window.ParsleyUI.addError(specificField, "myCustomError", 'this is a custom error message');
# remove the error
window.ParsleyUI.removeError(specificField, "myCustomError");

More info here: http://parsleyjs.org/doc/index.html#psly-ui-for-javascript

EDIT: This method is now deprecated (thanks to @giraff).


maybe this:

$('input.specific-field').parsley().UI.manageError({error: 'this is a custom error message'});
  • doesnt seem to work – riccardolardi Jan 15 '14 at 21:27
  • or maybe $('input.specific-field').parsley().UI.addError({error: 'this is a custom error message'});, i had the same problem with displaying custom error after server respond. - I found this post : github.com/guillaumepotier/Parsley.js/issues/440 – MamaWalter Jan 15 '14 at 21:31
  • THIS WORKS THANK YOU! – riccardolardi Jan 15 '14 at 21:53
  • EDIT seems this only works if the field has been invalidated before – riccardolardi Jan 16 '14 at 9:31
  • 1
    Continuing this thread of bumping what worked, for me it was $('...').parsley().UI.manageErrorContainer().addError({err: 'Name cannot be blank'}) – ghayes Mar 12 '15 at 18:14
data-parsley-error-message="my message" 

worked for me see http://parsleyjs.org/doc/index.html#ui-for-javascript for more info.


This is how I got it working for Parsley 2.8:

field.parsley().addError('customValidationId', {message: "myCustomError"});


Here is a turnkey-solution that I used for showing error from AJAX to fields identified by their id:

// Removing errors from previous AJAX call
if ($('.js_error').length) {

// Showing errors from current AJAX call
for (var idField in ajaxErrors) {
    var msg = ajaxErrors[idField];
    var field = $('#field_' + idField);
    if (field.length) {
        field.parsley().addError('myError', {message: msg});

This solution will not prevent form-submit, though (because it only displays error messages in the UI, the form validation logic is not touched). That's why Parsley.js favors custom validators.


Examples above appear to be for Parsley 2.0 I'm stuck with an older version but got custom errors to work with the following.

el = $('#my_input').parsley();
el.manageErrorContainer(); // set up the error list container
$(el.ulError).empty() // clear any previous errors if you want..
el.addError({error: 'Hey, mind yerself!'});

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