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I'm pretty new to Android Studio so I don't really know how to add a library (not a jar file, just a normal directory) to my android project. More exactly it's the pebblekit library I'm trying to add.

I've been trying to do this myself for a good while now and searching around internet w/o any good results. I'm using 0.4.2 of Android Studio.

Maybe someone can tell me what to do?

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Figured it out based off of this question here

  1. Import the Android PebbleKit project from the pebble sdk into Android Studio.
  2. Close the imported project and open the one you were working on.
  3. Create a libraries folder in your project
  4. Copy the directory for the imported PebbleKit into the libraries folder and rename it to PebbleKit
  5. Add include ':libraries:PebbleKit' to yout settings.gradle file.|
  6. Open your module settings for your application
  7. Under add a module dependency for the libraries:PebbleKit

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