I'm trying to describe some resources about books, already did:

Author: dcterms:creator;

Title: dcterms:title;

Location: dcterms:location

This was the easy ones, but i've some thigs that are not in dcterms list. Where can I find other schemas to describe it ? Can you show me examples, even how to create my own schema?

Eg. Homepage; keywords; goal

  • This question is about RDFa, but most suggestions should apply to other RDF formats, too, as it’s about vocabularies, not syntaxes: Knowing what RDFA vocabulary to use – unor Jan 16 '14 at 12:28

You need to search for appropriate vocabularies (or: ontologies/schemas). There are many vocabularies.

You could use http://prefix.cc/ to learn about some of them.

For books, have a look at (these are just some suggestions so that you see some examples of what is out there):

You could create your own vocabulary (but you should only do this if there is no appropriate vocabulary). It’s as simple as defining meanings for URIs under your control. If you intend to publish this vocabulary, so that other people can use it, too, have a look at RDFS (which is a vocabulary to describe vocabularies). See also:


I suggest that you have a look at schema.org. You will find all the information you need to annotate resources related to books among other things, and even documentation explaining how to extend your vocabulary if needed.

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