I have a chart working fine with data in the options, when I leave the data empty for a series and try the below (so I can change the data depending on a click) it doesn't work, any ideas?

options.series[0].data = [35.00,35.91,36.82,37.73,38.64];
var chart = new Highcharts.Chart(options);

you can also go with series.setData(). This will allow you to change the entire data of a particular series.

Here is the API link for it.

Hope this will be of use for you.

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    The link seems not to be working anymore – Anton Nov 27 '17 at 16:46

Eureka - needs nested square brackets so this below works..

options.series[0].data = [[35.00,35.91,36.82,37.73,38.64]];

You can update it as follows :


If you want to change both values and labels, create an array of arrays:

chart.series[0].setData([['Apple',89], ['Orange',71], ['Banana',16], ['Grapes',12], ['Others',14]]);

JSFiddle Demo for updating data on a button click.

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