var variableABC = "A B C"; 
variableABC.replace('B', 'D') //wanted output: 'A D C'

but 'variableABC' didn't change :

variableABC = 'A B C'

when I want it to be 'A D C'.

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    Strings are not mutable, you have to pass the result somewhere, probably back to itself like the answers below are doing. – adeneo Jan 16 '14 at 13:00

According to the Javascript standard, String.replace isn't supposed to modify the string itself. It just returns the modified string. You can refer to the Mozilla Developer Network documentation for more info.

You can always just set the string to the modified value:

variableABC = variableABC.replace('B', 'D')

Edit: The code given above is to only replace the first occurrence.

To replace all occurrences, you could do:

 variableABC = variableABC.replace(/B/g, "D");  

To replace all occurrences and ignore casing

 variableABC = variableABC.replace(/B/gi, "D");  

Isn't string.replace returning a value, rather than modifying the source string?

So if you wanted to modify variableABC, you'd need to do this:

var variableABC = "A B C";

variableABC = variableABC.replace('B', 'D') //output: 'A D C'

Strings are always modelled as immutable (atleast in heigher level languages python/java/javascript/Scala/Objective-C).

So any string operations like concatenation, replacements always returns a new string which contains intended value, whereas the original string will still be same.

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    Just FYI: Ruby strings are mutable. – Jimmy Oct 7 '15 at 17:50
  • @Jimmy Thar is redundant here. – Arpit Solanki May 5 '17 at 14:06

If you just want to clobber all of the instances of a substring out of a string without using regex you can using:

    var replacestring = "A B B C D"
    const oldstring = "B";
    const newstring = "E";
    while (replacestring.indexOf(oldstring) > -1) {
        replacestring = replacestring.replace(oldstring, newstring);
    //result: "A E E C D"

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