About break

foreach ( $data as $k => $v ) {
  if ( $k == 4 ) {

every one knows.

Is there something similar in Smarty's or Dwoo's {foreach} function ?


You should put your logic in php, not in template. However, you can write your own compiler plugin:

function smarty_compiler_break($contents, &$smarty){
   return 'break;';

and save it to compiler.break.php in your plugins directory.

Now in template you can use {break}.


@Antonio: typical PHP developer retort, indeed :) Using Smarty largely depends on app requirements and developer/designer preferences. Here are some typical use case examples, and how Smarty plays a role:


If you don't like it, don't use it. Shunning Smarty in general is just showing your ignorance for what it may offer for others.

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