sorry for the mistakes I've made, I'm not Englishman.

So.. First, I have Vagrant machine which is my web server with installed Yii, Ngnix, PHP etc. The vm is configured as follows:

forwarded_port, guest: 80, host: 8080
synced_folder "www", "/srv/www", :nfs => true # !important

Second, I have Grunt which is installed on my local machine and do some tasks(watches *.scss files and converts them to css) within web root which is synced with Vagrant through nfs daemon.

I successfully do my tasks and connect to my web root through browser (localhost:8080) and everything works ok. However, I don't understand how can I implement simple reload browser page when Grunt watches my scss files and finishes to convert them into a single css file.

Could anybody give me some thoughts by simple English?


You'll want to add a browser plugin to your browser and then have watch notify it. More info here at the bottom: http://24ways.org/2013/grunt-is-not-weird-and-hard/


I solve the problem by just restarting browser! This is little instruction:

  1. Gruntfile:

    watch: {
        scss: {
            files: '<%= path.webapp %>/**/*.scss',
            tasks: ['sass'],
            options: {
                livereload: true, //! important
  2. Add livereload plugin to the chrome. After CLOSE THE BROWSER!

  3. Start the task in command line: grunt watch
  4. Start the browser. And click to the livereload circle button at the top of the window.
  5. Voila! It works.

IMPORTANT: there is no reason to worry about the port and address of your 'remote' server, livereload magically detect where need to restart the page. Is works for me as localhost:8080/webapp.com and identically

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