I have a problem when executing my servidor.sh. It contains:

echo "Running..."
java -jar $HOME/servidor.jar

I execute servidor.sh and the result is:

alumno@uned:~$ sh servidor.sh
Error: Unable to access jarfile /home/alumno/servidor.jar

I am in Ubuntu from a VirtualBox machine. servidor.jar has permission to execute and I think it is in the correct location because I can launch it without error with java -jar servidor.jar from shell:

alumno@uned:~$ java -jar servidor.jar
Inicializando servicios...
 >> ServicioAutenticacion
 >> ServicioDatos
 >> ServicioGestor

I've tried all the solutions that are in other posts but without results. I am crazy because I need a solution and I do not know what more can I do.

  • Try, "java -jar /home/alumno/servidor.jar" OR whatever the absolute path to your servidor.jar is – zee Jan 16 '14 at 18:25
  • I tried it but i have obtained the same eror result. After this i have tried this: – user3203625 Jan 19 '14 at 16:30
  • 1
    After that I have tried creating a new directory and cd to it my file servidor.sh and I have given permission with chmod 0755 $HOME/new_directory/servidor.sh and i have tried with ./servidor.sh and go perfect. Before I have created in Ubuntu servidor.sh because the first time I created it in windows and copy the file to my VirtualBox machine with a "interpreter error bash^M". – user3203625 Jan 19 '14 at 16:41

First you need check if dos2unix is installed in your system, if installed then run the below command -

dos2unix myshellfile.sh

and it works..

If you do not have dos2unix installed, install it first.

Had the same issue. Following steps helped me to fix it.Go to the directory where the jar file located.

cd /home/alumno/

Then execute the .jar file in the directory using,

java -jar ./servidor.jar

That worked for me.

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